Leading with a Human Touch

THE HUMAN ELEMENT is our approach to building strong, sustainable cultures. It recognizes 8 focus areas necessary for achieving productive operations.

The program outlines 8 human elements where our actions as humans have profound impact on safety for ourselves and others.

This training takes an in-depth look at all 8 human elements impacting safety leaders on a daily basis.

These areas of focus are:

- Vision and Values
- Recruiting, hiring and onboarding
- Established safety program
- Systems and processes
- Human Resource development
- Training
- Contractor management
- Sustainability 

Our Approach

ENCOURAGES personal responsibility for safety

LEVERAGES natural human elements for a personalized approach

RECOGNIZES people as your greatest asset

PROMOTES a sustainable safety culture

EQUIPS leaders with necessary skillsets to succeed in this new environment

PERMEATES personal safety throughout organization


9 Human Elements

The Heart - Leaders must demonstrate a sense of empathy, leading with sincere care and concern.

Has Vision - Leaders must see the future to anticipate business decisions and have a clear plan of execution throughout the organization.

Listens - Leaders listen to understand, ask questions, and controls distractions.

Thinks - Leaders must critically think and problem solve in fast changing conditions.

Demonstrates - Leaders must know the way and show the way, modeling desired behaviors consistently.

Shows Commitment - Leaders must be committed to their responsibilities as leaders, to their teams and to the vision of the organization.

Trust Intuition - Leaders are consciously aware of their "gut instinct" and considers it when making decisions.

Leads - Leaders invest in others and provide opportunities for personal / professional growth.

Communicates - Leaders are able to communicate a message with clarity, not only explaining the "what" but also the "why".  

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